Assalamualaikum, hey guys..

Holiday was begin.. so, do you enjoy your holidays? haha. what about me? starting last monday, i always eating Cadbury Chocolate at home. cause, you know the day that i was boring at home, don't know what to do.. but, today, i just think about i wanna post anything on my Blog, Twitter, Tumblr, such a bored day ever! hihihi :)
i have join a contest about Shawl. i know, i never win any contest that i've joined! Looseerr! haha!
Now, i just thinking about "what did i wear for this sunday?" cause i wanna go to my Cousin's Wedding.. ermm.. what about my Purple Baju Kurung? i Love it.. cause Purple is Justin Bieber favorite color.. Aww... haha. forget it!
see? the thing that i don't need to share with you, i have share it! okayy. fineee :) My mom said, next month, we went to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. I have go there for many times.. okayy.. but nvm... The right  place that i wanna go, is Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. OhMyGreysonn! I Love Cameron Highlands.. I've went there, its about two years ago. (2009)

There's so cold.but, not too cold. hehe. there have Tea, Fresh Strawberry, and MORE. okayy... There, we stay at Green Cameron Appartment. we got a special house okayy.. Pent House :) i love it. Many merchandise, The Honey Strawberry Ice Cream? omg! so YummyLiciousee!

Okay guyss... Enjoy your Hoidayss :) cause, January 4, 2012, start your new life at school =)

# sorry, I'm not good in English.. hihi.. I'm sorry if got any mistake =) #
thanks for readings!

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