Fact's About Me

1. Yaya full name is Aimi Nadia
2. Yaya was born on September 5,1997 i'm is a virgo
3. Yaya's favorite colour is blue, pink and purple
 4. Yaya's favorite food is Nasi Lemak
 5. Yaya speaks Malay
 6. Yaya's favorite number is 5
 7. Yaya's celebrity crush is Justin Bieber
 8. Yaya likes Mineral water
 9. Yaya's favorite drink is Lemon Tea
10. Yaya has a sister named Sity Aishah and Aniss & brother's names Shukri and Hakeem
 11. Yaya is right handed
 12. Yaya can play guitar
13. Yaya's favourite cereal is Koko Krunch
 14. Yaya can count to ten in Mandarin
15. Yaya's three best friends are Audra,Balqis, and Atikah & many
16. Yaya has break up with her ex-boyfriend, last year. and now, single!
 17. Yaya's shoe size is 3 or 4
 18. Yaya's moms name is Habibah
 19. Yaya likes boys with pretty eyes and smile and has a good personality:) anddd not too romantics.
thanks for readings!

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