I'm BELIEBER ! *don't read this if dont like it !

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My life as a BELIEBER is normal like others . And i really2 want to watching a NEVER SAY NEVER movie.
i miss JUSTIN BIEBER's concert April 21,2011 past. I'm Sorry... I don't want to forget it, but  i don't have any money to go there.  ahh.. JUSTIN BIEBER is my idol.  so,at the next his concert, i don't forget to go there ! me so emo la ! why ! i just wanna be like others. they can go there, see justin bieber's perform on the big stage, can have his signature. ! i'm jealous with them !!!  yeah ! i'm jealous with my classmate ! she can go there, but, she said that Justin Bieber's concert is BORING !! what ! she said BORING ?! me really2 wanna go there, but she said boring ? if I were there, i'll be who the excited one !  but, now, i only can watch his concert on YOUTUBE only!! ... yaaaa....  you know right, if you're watching on youtube, you'll feel so bored, right? i am too!!

at the next concert, i'll be there !!

thanks for readings!

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  1. You have a very bad English. You should learn more :)


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