20 facts about Justin Bieber

yesterday, someone suruh sy bg facts about justin bieber. so, sy akan bagi fact about justin bieber in english boleh? sbb jumpe 20 jer..hehe..

1. Justin Bieber's full name is Justin Drew Bieber
2. Justin Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994 he is a piesies
3. Justin Bieber's favorite colour is blue, pink and purple
4. Justin Bieber's favorite food is spaghetti
5. Justin Bieber speaks fluent French
6. Justin Bieber's favorite number is 6
7. Justin Bieber's celebrity crush is Beyonce
8. Justin Bieber likes vitamin water
9. Justin Bieber's favorite drink is orange juice
10. Justin Bieber has a half sister named Jazmine & half brother names jaxon
11. Justin Bieber is left handed
12. Justin Bieber can play trumpet, guitar, piano, and drums
13. Justin Bieber's favourite cereal is captain crunch (with berries)
14. Justin Bieber can count to ten in German
15. Justin Bieber's once asked out Rhianna and Alexa Chung (got rejected)
16. Justin Bieber's three best friends are Ryan butler,chaz somers and, christian beadles
17. Justin Bieber once dated Caitlin beadles (Christians sister)
18. Justin Bieber's shoe size is 7 and a half
19. Justin Bieber's moms name is Pattie
20. Justin Bieber likes girls with pretty eyes and smile and has a good personality:)

 haha.. that's all.. puas? baca lah..
thanks for readings!

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