Berita Dunia. :( : Japan Earthquake Today

OMG ! kesiannya dorang..ermm... nak tau tak? tadi sy bace artikel pasal gempa bumi kat jepun taw..sedih giler...kesianka.??..ermmm..  tgk la video ni..
one thing, labuan n sabah need be careful cuz Philipines da kene  tsunami jugak..takut Malaysia pon kene skali..

Japan was hit with a major tsunami on Friday, bringing 13-foot waves following an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the coast.|
Japanese officials  are reporting at least 300 people are dead and many others are missing, but those numbers are expected to increase as they assess the damage.
The tsunami washed away buildings, homes and cars and caused extensive damage.
The earthquake hit at 2:46 p.m. bringing with it strong aftershocks.
The earthquake is the largest in Japan’s history.
Prime Minister Naoto Kan was on TV, telling residents to remain calm in the midst of the devastation.
“The earthquake has caused major damage in broad areas in northern Japan,” Kan said, and urged people to move to higher ground.
Experts are warning more giant waves could hit land, not only in Japan, but in Hawaii, South America, Alaska, the U.S. West Coast and British Columbia.
The governor of Hawaii ordered the evacuation of coastal areas and warned residents to take the threat seriously.
The first waves to hit Hawaii could reach 6 feet high and were expected to hit about 3 a.m. local time (9 a.m. EST.)
Waves are predicted to hit the western coast of the United States between 11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. EST Friday. People near the beach and in low-lying coastal areas of Point Conception in Santa Barbara County were told to move immediately inland to higher ground.
While the tsunami is likely to go around smaller islands, the size of Hawaii’s islands will amplify the waves, which will crash hardest against harbors and inlets.

*we only can pray for them..

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